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Choosing the Best Veterinarian

A good veterinarian will be an ally for your dog’s well being

Is it Time for a NEW Veterinarian?’s some signs

Unreasonable Markups on RX Meds

When your vet prescribes a medication he will generally tell you that he can fill that RX on the spot. That’s a wonderful convenience but some vets may overcharge for the meds. One way to reduce RX costs is to ask if a generic option exists that is equally effective as the name brand. Another method is to check with a  licensed online pet pharmacy in the United States that fills prescriptions 

This is especially important in the case of expensive medications that may require extended use.

Disparaging Integrative or Holistic Care

More than 30 years ago, my mother was  a cancer patient in the United States. Her world trained oncologist disparaged any holistic approaches as voodoo  and said that she would live another year at best.

Fortunately we were capable of taking mom to Europe where she received treatments that extended her life, in my opinion, for several years.

The same is true for your dog. I have personally witnessed the successful treatment of digestive disorders, torn ACLs, cancer and a host of  maladies under the direction of a natural  remedies practitioner.

There are times when conventional medicine is needed such as in advanced cancer, and emergencies. But in many cases the BEST approach is an integrative one taking advantage of the best of both worlds. If your vet is unwilling to work with you..I would look for a new veterinarian

Clinic Boarding in an Unsupervised Environment

Would you let a loved one stay overnight in a hospital where all the doctors and nurses go home at night? Many veterinary clinics are shuttered and empty of human supervision till morning.. Not for my dog… Ask, Ask and Ask again

Limiting Food Options

Sadly, many veterinarians have little or no training in nutrition other than what they learn from manufacturer sponsored classes when they are in veterinary school.

As a result they may develop an affinity for a brand that is less than the best and be rather insistent that you use it for your dog. Some of these brands are sold specifically thru veterinary clinics giving them the imprimatur of quality.

Don’t fall for it. Read the labels and see if   the ingredients are  healthy. Like a broken record I suggest that you compare them to Dr Harvey’s brand as a fair comparison

Over Vaccinating

Annual  vaccinations, combo vaccinating and shots for conditions your dog may never be exposed to are not only a waste of money but may impact your dog’s immune system and longevity. Ask, ask and ask… and do some research before you agree to the let the vet load up a syringe. Make sure your dog’s health and not a profit motive or outdated clinical habits are guiding any recommendation.

Make the Office Visit Pleasant

At least as pleasant as can be. If your dog totally flips out when taken to the vet, it may be due to normal anxiety but Fido may be telling you that he had bad experiences being handled by the vet or the staff on an earlier visit.   You’ll have to judge but It may be time to look for more caring hands to take care of your dog’s health needs

Discouraging a 2nd Opinion

If your dog has been diagnosed with a serious condition requiring invasive treatment such as cancer, it is always wise to get a 2nd opinion from a specialist such as a veterinary oncologist.  This is also true whenever the condition may be life threatening. If your vet discourages a 2nd opinion, time to go vet shopping !

No Questions Please– I am the Vet!

I once had a vet tell me that I needed to trust him implicitly, leave my dog with him for treatment and don’t ask any questions…after all he was a trained vet and I was a …well you get it. I left on the spot.

I may not be a veterinarian but no one has my dog’s interest at heart more than I do…and I am sure the same goes for you… ASK and EXPECT a polite informed and clearly understandable response. Your dog deserves no less…nor do you !

Bottom line..use your judgment, ask questions and remember that you are your dog’s best advocate.

With that, it’s time for treats and playtime for the pack…

MR Bruno

Diana Ruth Davidson, Chief Pet Officer and Managing Nanny, Westside Dog Nanny

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