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How Pets Are Grieving the Loss of a Dog

I lost my GSD, Logan, on April 22, 2013.  After much grieving and anguish, I have finally returned to the world of the “normal”.

I have 2 Abyssinian cats, Isabel and Abigail.  I already had Logan when Isabel arrived in my home at 3 months of age.  After she got over her fear of her new surroundings, she settled in and imprinted {I believe} on Logan.  He was not that interested in her…..yawn, a cat!…boring; but she was interested in him.  She would display her hiney to Logan and he would lick it.  [Now, this is animal behavior, so don’t get upset.]  She would also cuddle next to him when he was snoozing in the living room or  in my bedroom.

I also board an adorable Maltese named Gabe.  When Logan was here, Gabe used to steal his bones and run up onto the sofa and chew away.  Logan would go to sofa and take his bone back.  Gabe would steal the bone again and chewed all day long!

Since Logan is gone, Isabel has become a “velcro” cat!  She is almost constantly on my lap as I work on my computer.  She sat on my lap before, but never this much.  I think she misses Logan and is looking for me to comfort her and give her love.

I board Gabe a couple weeks a month.  He’s been here for the past week and has not touched the bone once!!  He just sleeps.  I guess it was such fun to steal the bones from Logan; and since he’s gone so is the thrill. 😉

Diana Davidson,





Dealing with Death of a Pet Dog, my Logan, a GSD

Logan crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on April 22, 2013.

It has been two months.  So, why am I crying like a baby now…two months later?  All day I have been angry at whatever and irritated at whatever.  I am never diffusely angry and irritated; not my nature, but it was today.

Now, I am sitting here crying my heart out thinking of him and the things we did together; the times we shared, good and not-so-good.  He was always there and now he isn’t.

I did cry when he left, but not like this today.  It is like the tears have been waiting to come up; the pain waiting to be experienced, biding their time for the right moment when I could handle them.  I don’t feel like I can handle them at all right now; but know I must and know I will…..but when?

Logan, your spirit will always be with me; always.

Diana Ruth Davidson, Chief Pet Officer and Managing Nanny, Westside Dog Nanny

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Mourning the Loss of a Dog, My Logan


On April 22, 2013, Logan, my German Shepherd Dog, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  He had DM, Degenerative Myelopathy, a death sentence for a dog.  Some breeds are at risk for getting this, particularly GSD.  The dog must be euthanized for they will end up dying.  This is similar to MS in humans.

After I cried my heart out,  I went to Westside German Shepherd Rescue to adopt a GSD.

I bought Logan 8 years ago from a breeder in Germany.  My heart’s desire was to have a  GSD who was trained in Schutzhund, which is a dog field sport in Germany.  They take it very seriously:  there is a field where the dog works out, a judge and scorecard.  They are tested in tracking, obedience and protection.  Logan was Schutzhund Level 2.

Back to WGSR.  I took home a 2-yr-old GSD that I discovered had severe separation anxiety.  I left him home alone one day.  When I returned a lot of my crystal was smashed, kitchen blinds torn down, 2 lamps knocked over!!  He reacted violently to my leaving.  My vet also told me he had an autoimmune eye disease which would require regular vet visits and meds for his life!  I returned this dog to the rescue.  I simply could not afford the expenses involved.

I adopted another dog from WGSR who bit me, attacked my cat and 2 dogs I was boarding!!  My vet advised me to return her.  If she bites one of the dogs I’m boarding, it could open me up to liability.  Interestingly enough, I always name my dogs and cats very quickly, in minutes/hours.  I could not name this dog; nothing came to me.  Yes, I had to return this one too.

My friends had been telling me all along to get a puppy due to my business of boarding dogs in my home and my two cats.  So, I bought a puppy from a breeder.

I bought Logan 8 years ago because I wanted a particular kind of dog.  Now, I really wanted to save a dog from a shelter and give him a home.  There are way too many homeless dogs out there!!  Now I was not planning to shell out money to buy a dog.

The 8-week-old puppy I bought, however, had a bad heart.  My vet sent me to a cardiologist and she told me this dog was going to have major heart problems in his life and advised me to return him.   So, yep, returned him too.

Finally, I got 12-week-old GSD I named Bailey in exchange from the breeder.  He is doing just fine.  It took me 30 minutes to name him!   He does have diarrhea–my vet put him on special diet and meds–and he needs housebraking.  Ah, now there’s a challenge!!  Housebraking!  German Shepherd Dogs are very smart and I know he will catch on soon………..sooner, please!!

Now consider that in about four weeks, I brought 4 dogs to my vet.  Can you hear my money flying away?!

But it’s all worth it.  I have an adorable 14-week-old GSD puppy sleeping at my feet as I type this with his head on my foot.  I just love it!!

Diana Ruth Davidson, Chief Pet Officer and Managing Nanny, Westside Dog Nanny

We offer pet services such as:  Pet Sitting,  In-Home Dog Boarding, Dog Walking, Overnights in your home, Doggie Day Care.
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