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What Happens to Your Dog In Case of Emergency?

In case of emergency, if you pass away, what happens to your dog.

As a committed dog guardian, you must be responsible and make  arrangements for our pack in the event of an emergency and ultimately, if we are no longer here.

These are questions that must be answered whether you are single or a married couple…because it is very common for dogs to get lost in the confusion of an emergency or to outlive their guardians…

Without proper arrangements many dogs are abandoned or dumped at pounds by friends and family members who do not feel a bond for the dog…or may be simply overwhelmed.


Your best friend is counting on you to care for him now…and in the event you are not here later on

With that as a backdrop let’s take a look at a few easy:

Steps to Protect Your Dog NOW

Find two friends or relatives who agree to be emergency caregivers. Give each a key to your home, feeding and care instructions, veterinarian contact information,  and details about permanent living arrangements

Keep the names and phone numbers of your emergency dog caregivers in your wallet and have them labeled as such

Arrange Permanent Care for Your Dog if You Pass Away

The key here is that you must make formal arrangements...Verbal agreements are worth the paper they are written on and your dog’s life may be at stake…

Work with an attorney to draw up estate planning documentsto provide for the care and guardianship of your dog as well as the money necessary to care for her. 

Your attorney can help you set aside assets or life insurance proceeds for the care of your best pal.


How do I choose a permanent caregiver?

Consider adult children, family and friends who know your dog and LIKE DOGS themselves.

It’s good to have a contingent choice in case they cannot take guardianship later on.

Choose a  person you trust  who will do what is best for your dog

Make sure to direct  your executor to spend whatever funds from your estate are needed for the temporary care of your dog.

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