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Enjoy Exclusive Helium 10 Discount Coupon Code

Amazon is one of the most popular eCommerce online platforms on the internet with millions of sellers and customers. There are thousands of orders placed on Amazon every single hour. Also, there are new sellers registering on Platform and due to this, the competition has become harder. You need to find the right product that is popular and also you should consider your profit margin. It is difficult to find the right product that will help you to make thousands of dollars. Therefore, you need the right tool.

There is a wonderful tool available that you can use to find the right products that sell like crazy. Among the many tools available, the best tool is Helium 10. It is an all in one toolkit for Amazon sellers that have more than 13 tools inside it that you can utilize. Let’s know more about the tools and how you can use it for your profit.

There are various plans available in Helium 10 that will suit all your needs. The paid plan starts from $97 a month and can go up to $397 a month. Moreover, there is also a free plan available for testing the software. The free plan is limited by the number of uses. Moreover, if you don’t want to use all the tools, you can also pay for the tools individually, the price is between $17 to $97 for each tool. If you are looking for a discount, we have the best Helium 10 Reviews & Coupon codes that you can use to get a decent discount.

Helium 10 Chrome Extension

The extension helps you with real data feedback and accurate estimates for the previous products you found over on the Black Box. Its role is to pretty much validate the niche/s or products you searched through the Black Box initially. All the major tools on the market have an extension so this is probably no big news for any of you.

However, Official Reviews by users on on the Helium 10 which did incorporate a couple of custom metrics to help Amazon sellers further and increase the accuracy of their extension results (by the way, a lot of sellers preach the idea that Helium 10 is the most accurate tool on the market):

  • Review Velocity – shows the change in reviews over the past 30 days. Extremely useful in tracking how many reviews did your competitors gain and how many they lost. Of course, this works the same with your own products and makes tracking so much easier if you have multiple products being listed;
  • Inventory Level – simply check how many products your competitors may have in stock. Useful when it comes to dealing with hijackers. For example, if they have 1-3 products in stock you can just wait it out, but if they have 50+ or more you can bet they are counterfeiting your brand;
  • Review Downloader – We all know how important reviews are and how much of a trouble it is to sift through 100+ reviews so you can read the negative ones and try to improve. Well, you can now just download all the review of your listing/s & filter them by Date, Verified Status, Review level, Reviews with Images or Videos, etc.

Inventory and maintenance

Along with finding the right amount of keywords, you will need to keep an eye on your inventory. You don’t have to worry about the inventory when you are using Helium 10. It comes with some of the amazing tools such as Refund Genie which will send a notification for reimbursements for the damaged product. There is an inventory protector that will protect your inventory. By using inventory management software you will get lots of help. For instance, you can stop a customer from purchasing more than a certain amount of your products at a discount. You will also get alerts for every crucial update in inventory management software.

Other tools in Helium 10

There are various tools along with this that you can take advantage of. Below are some of the other advantages and the tools that you will get with Helium 10.

– There are listing optimization tools using which you will the notifications for every single keyword – You don’t need to see if your product is indexed for a particular keyword or not, the tool will bulk check everything for you. – There is a GEM URL page. This is the tools that will help you to market your listing with promotional URL – There is another tool called Frankenstein, it will automatically convert thousands of keywords into a meaningful group. – Above all, you don’t need to visit the website to use it. There is a Chrome extension available that will make everything accessible in just a single click.